Myth Telvondial


Where the Giantspires meet the Rawlinswood is a hidden city of Sun and Moon Elves. Working tirelessly to combat the influence of the Nentyarch and now the Rotting Man and his Blightlords, the Elven city of Myth Telvondial is hidden deep within a valley in the mountains. The only entrances are within the Rawlingswood and secured with elven magic that misleads explorers who get too close to the mountain.

The hidden valley is roughly circular with a crystal clear lake fed by nearby ice caps. Most of the outer circle is forested, but once through the forests, a city of tall spires, gleaming white stone buildings and soaring trees astounds the unprepared. High above the eastern portion of the city is the King’s Palace, built in the treetops of the largest trees in the city proper.


The City

The city of Myth Telvondial is roughly circular and surrounded by a white stone wall nearly thirty-feet tall. Throughout the city, large trees have been grown to house traditional elven tree-homes, yet a large part of the population lives in homes on the ground. Spires and towers abound and the architectural detail put into most buildings is wondrous.

The city of divided into districts that follow the path of the sun in the sky. The eastern portion of the city is called Sunrise and the western portion is Dusk. Highsun is in the south, while Midnight is the northern district. The four “intermediate” districts are called Morning, Setting, Evening, and Darkest.

The Clans

Eleven of the Great Houses rule Myth Telvondial jointly in council. The Gold Elf Clan of Eshavel is considered “first among equals” and speak for the city in any outside negotiations. Aranath of Eshavel is High Councilor and speaks for the council.

Previously, Myth Telvondial had a King, Doriath of Erendyl. Doriath was not a popular king, so that when he passed, the council chose not to name a new king and keep power within the council. Aranath of Eshavel became High Councilor. Clan Erendyl has not forgotten that slight, and generally opposes anything that Eshavel proposes.

The Gold Elves

Clan Elshavel, current rulers, also masons and architects
Clan Erendyl, previous rulers, also artists and artisans
Clan Feadil, “newest” clan, something to prove, adventurers
Clan Mealdil, claims to be the founders of Telvondial, ultra-conservative historians

The Moon Elves

Clan Chossum, merchants and traders
Clan Grunalf, foresters, trackers and hunters
Clan Risfuin, carpenters, glassblowers and craftsfolk
Clan Soranor, large clan, jewelers and magical artificers

The Copper Elves

Clan Red Arrow, militant clan, bulk of Telvondial’s defenders
Clan Longrunner, xenophobic, powerful druids
Clan Taersi, animal handlers, breeders and trainers

These eleven represent the most powerful houses of the city, yet are only a portion of all houses. In case of war or a calamity that would affect the entire city, a great council is called, which consists of a representative of every clan of the city. The last time a Great Council was called was millennia ago, and the various representatives barely fit into the Great Hall of Telvondial.

In practice, the Gold Elf Clans hold power in Myth Telvondial, primarily because the Moon Elves and Green Elves don’t share the drive to accumulate political power.

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Myth Telvondial

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