Pit Fighting

Pit fighting includes boxing, wrestling, and other non-lethal forms of combat in an organized setting with predetermined matches. If you want to introduce competitive fighting in a battle-to—the-death situation, the standard combat rules apply to that sort of activity.


Engaging in this activity requires one workweek of effort from a character. This time represents finding a venue, setting up for a fight, training, etc.


The character must make a series of checks, with a DC determined at random based on the quality of the opposition that the character runs into. A big part of the challenge in pit fighting lies in the unknown nature of a character’s opponents.

The character makes three checks: Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), and a special Constitution check that has a bonus equal to a roll of the character’s largest Hit Die (this roll doesn’t spend that die). If desired, the character can replace one of these skill checks with an attack roll using one of the character’s weapons.

The DC for each of the checks is 5 + 2d10; generate a separate DC for each one. Consult the Pit Fighting Results table to see how the character did.

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Pit Fighting

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