Barony of Ostel

Ruling House: Praka
Present Baron: Baroness Sylvia, 23rd Noble of Ostel
Family Crest: Drawn Blade
Capital: Praka (11,000)

Ostel is a small city province south of Morov and bordering on Impiltur. In the heart of the Damaran waterways, Ostel is rich in farmland, but trade and crafting are the staples. Two major cities, Praka and Portith, are located on the King’s Road, and they have always been the first stop for goods arriving from the west.

Before Morov and Heliogabalus combined, Ostel was Damara’s most populous province, with more than twice the population of Bloodstone. By itself, it should have been able to raise an army sufficient to defeat Gareth’s forces. But Ostel actually provided the least number of men to the alliance, and most of those had to be pressed into service.

Sylvia, Baroness of Ostel, is the whole reason, for she is hated by her people. Appointed by the Witch-King after House Praka was murdered, Sylvia was the most personally powerful of the provincial rulers. She is a mage who has mastered spells of the 7th order or power. She consolidated her position quickly by using her magic and her wiles to charm the most influential merchants and landowners of the barony.

But among the common folk of Ostel Sylvia is despised. They see her for what she is, an evil, power-hungrv sorceress who cares nothing for them. If Gareth does consolidate Damara into the new Kingdom of Bloodstone, he will have to forcibly remove Svlvia. Chances are, the good people of Ostel will lead him to her palace, and help him throw her down.

Sylvia clutches Dimian Ree’s coattails for support. On the whole, Ostel remains loyal to the old Damaran kingdom, and as long as Dimian Ree holds some claim to the throne, Sylvia can keep the people under her thumb. With Gareth’s popularity rising, though, Sylvia fears that her day of reckoning is approaching fast.

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Barony of Ostel

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